We are the leader in moving houses.

We consistently provide our customers with professional, reliable moving and storage services from start to finish. Our cost-competitive moving services are built with you in mind. We can customize any move to meet your needs and requirements. Whether that means we execute a full-service pack or provide you with high-quality packing materials so that you can pack yourself, it’s your decision on what services you would like to add on to your moving solutions package.

Fast Turnaround Time

We here at Planetarymovers understand like no one else that time is money. Waiting to have a moving crew come by in 3-5 days is not acceptable if you need to move the same day or the next day.

Experienced Movers

Planenatrymovers employees typically have at least 3 years of moving experience behind their backs. Our movers know everything there is about efficient moving from apartments, houses, offices.

Affordable Pricing

With planetary movers you will enjoy working with moving professionals for just a fraction of the price you would pay with any other moving company in the Great New York City Metropolitan Area.

Fast Move

Planetary Movers specialized moving company is a pack & haul agent, meaning you will have the same moving crew from beginning to end. This builds trust between our customers and our moving crew.

Treating Your Things Right

When Planetarymovers employees start the moving process you can rest assured that all of your possessions that are being moved are being handled with the utter most care.


Planetary Movers can assist you in the storage of your belongings, whether it is extra furniture, household goods, office furniture, business records, or any other item. Planetarymovers never overcharges its clients.


Planetarymovers will move anything, anywhere within the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area. Fast and affordable moving is simple with Planetarymovers. Check Our Testimonials .

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Our job is to provide with you a stress- and hassle-free move. With our 35+ years of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with a smooth, professional move. Our complete attention and cooperation will be given to you at all times. Get a FREE quote today.

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