Warehouse Relocation Services in NYC

Our Warehouse relocation services in NYC are specially trained to tackle the challenges of any warehouse move. You can be confident that your goods will be handled properly and delivered on time by our licensed and insured warehouse movers. Solomon & Sons have built a solid reputation by providing fair prices, comprehensive moving services, and courteous customer service.

Moving Services and Storage in NYC

Our moving services and storage makes us more popular in this field.


Planetary Mover’s environment controlled, all day, every day secure storerooms are the ideal answer for the individuals who need additional extra room for family things or furniture at an extraordinary worth. We serve organizations hoping to store retail/discount products, archives or hardware, or modern supplies. Our rates are determined by the measure of stock you are putting away and by the kind of office you might want to store in.


When VIP Handlers should treat your home, we give the best quality in extravagance warehouse relocation services in NYC. In addition to that, if you need craftsmanship pressing and conveyance administrations for a solitary artwork from your private assortment or for a whole exhibition of outlined works, Planetary Movers moving services and storage in NYC are available. We have experience moving organizations, everything being equal, and sizes, gladly serving commercial office move in Manhattan local area with quick and proficient migrations at sensible.

Planning the best for your
warehouse relocation

Moving apartments in New York at one side, In case you are migrating your distribution center think about working with us. Distribution center migration is certainly not a normal move. Moving and the whole stockroom loaded with enormous, weighty, and costly hardware resembles moving a mountain. That being said, we are specialists in this field too. We have been offering a full site of services:

  • Planning Logistics; we plan the move and outline your objectives.
  • Staging Inventory; we move and store items that can be palletized
  • Installation; we keep the system organized and stay on schedule.

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Warehouse moving solutions for you

Planetary Movers gives you warehouse relocation services in NYC along with the residential moving in New York. We will pack and move your whole activity, leaving your past area brush cleared and prepared for new occupants. At the start of your move, we will appoint an accomplished task chief to be your single resource for all solicitations, questions, and needs all through the move. Your task chief will work intimately with you to create, arrange, and define an undertaking plan and timetable to limit organization and assembling personal time. We provide an extra level of security regarding warehouse relocation services in NYC, providing client satisfaction. 

Tips to Help When You Need Moving Services and
Storage in NYC


If we’re in charge of relocating a warehouse, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your organizing abilities to the test. It might be a huge task, but staying on top of it can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious. In addition, some of the suggestions below may help keep you calm throughout the process. So take it one step at a time and make sure you have a strategy in place for the greatest outcomes.

Make Sure Offices Get Packed

If your company has offices in the warehouse, these must be packed as well. Assign someone to be in charge of ensuring that this is completed. Do you have several offices that require packing? To make things easier, assign each worker responsibility for packing up their own office. Whatever you decide, make sure everyone is informed of what is expected of them ahead of time.

Organize All the Changes Needed

Making a list is the greatest method to keep track of changes. For example, you might need to set up utilities, computer networks, and trash removal at the new warehouse. In addition, any company with whom you do business will require an address update. Finally, some businesses will want to reduce delivery in the last few weeks to reduce inventory, while others may want to boost deliveries. To make the best decisions, think about your needs and everyday operations.

Decide How Employees Will Be Involved

You might have a relocation that doesn’t include the employees, or Moving Services and Storage in NYC could assign them a task to assist with the transfer. If you’re moving a long distance, you’ll probably need to factor in staff relocation costs. Employees should have access to reading materials and regular meetings to keep them informed about what is going on.

Ensure Access to Needed Moving Supplies

You could get lucky and have to move a few pallets from one facility to another while transferring your warehouse, but many relocations need a significant amount of packing. Therefore, it’s critical to compile a list of all the moving materials you’ll most likely require during the procedure. Pallet wrap, aisle marking tape, wardrobe bars, surface protection films, and other things are included.

Organize Inventory and Get Infrastructure Ready

This is a wonderful chance to peek around the current warehouse and make sure everything is in its proper place. If anything is misplaced in the old warehouse, it will most certainly be misplaced in the new one as well. At the same time, moving services and storage in NYC will ensure you have the extra equipment we will need, such as shelves, forklifts, pallets, safety equipment, and an easy way to communicate.

Choose moving services and storage in NYC.

A moving firm may assist with warehouse relocation, just as they do with relocating from one home to another. It’s essential to pick the right person who has done this sort of relocation before to ensure everything goes well. Read customer reviews, obtain estimates, and then choose the best choice for your requirements. This should be done ahead of time to ensure that they will assist you on your desired relocation date.